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Hoodies Update
Just a note to say that we have sold out of the zip-up hoodies in our German office. Fans from the EU and Russia can still order hoodies through the store as usual, but international shipping rates will apply. Thanks to everyone who has picked one up so far. Haven't grabbed yours yet? Visit my web shop...

Happy 20th Birthday to "Failure"
It seems impossible, but yesterday marked the 20 year anniversary of Assemblage 23's "Failure" album. I am happy to announce that this fall, I will be releasing a special 2-CD 20th Anniversary Edition of that album. The first disc will consist of the original album given a fresh mix from the ground up by yours truly and the second disc will feature remixes of "Faiilure" tracks by other artists. That's all I'm going to share at the moment, but stay tuned...

Learn Production, Songwriting and More with A23
Over the past few months, I've been holding one-on-one Zoom classes with folks who want to learn more about music production and mixing, songwriting, lyric writing, synth programming and more. These have been a lot of fun and it's been really gratifying helping people hone their craft and improve their music. I now have some additional slots available to anyone interested in this. Drop me an email  for more info if you're interested!


New Hoodies Now Shipping!
I'm happy to announce that all the pre-orders for the new Assemblage 23 zip-up hoodies have shipped. If you haven't grabbed yours, you can do so here.


New Hoodies Now Shipping
I'm happy to announce that all pre-orders for the new hoodie from the EU and the Russian Federation have now shipped. Our printer in the US is under a heavy workload at the moment, so it will likely be about a week more before the orders from the US and rest of the world will ship. You will receive notification via email when your order ships. If you haven't grabbed a hoodie for yourself yet, you can do so here.

New Remixes from Assemblage 23
A bunch of new remixes I've done came out in the past week. Check them out!

"Taking Back Control" [Assemblage 23 Rmx] - For All the Emptiness 

"The Wreckage" [Assemblage 23 Rmx] - System Syn

"Athena" [Assemblage 23 Rmx] - Elias Black

"Icarus [Assemblage 23 Rmx] - GoFight


New Zip-Up Hoodies On the Way
After a short pre-order period, I'm happy to announce that the new Assemblage 23 Zip-up hoodie design has been sent to the printers and should be ready to ship in approximately 2 weeks. Haven't reserved yours yet? You can place your order on the Assemblage 23 Online Store. All orders shipping to the EU or Russia will ship from Germany to save on the outrageous overseas shipping fees. I'll make an announcement when we start shipping them and you will receive an email notification when your order ships.


Pre-orders for New Hoodie Design Now Open
Okay, so pre-orders are open for the new Assemblage 23 zip-up hoodies! I plan to keep pre-orders open for 2 weeks before placing the order with the printers so I can make sure to accommodate people's desired sizes. Once the order is placed with the printers, I will announce the actual ship date. 

Once again, any orders placed from Europe or Russia will ship from Germany to save on international shipping costs. I apologize for the high shipping costs to Canada and Mexico, but this is the actual cost to send a package of this size to those locations. 

I also apologize that 2XL is the largest size on offer for the time being. The pandemic has made sourcing special sizes extremely difficult.



Sale on "Mourn" Double Vinyl
I've got less than a dozen copies left of the double vinyl edition of "Mourn", and to help move them, I've slashed $4 off the price, so you can now pick it up for only $22.99! As a bonus, all remaining copies will be signed. GET YOUR COPY.


Ed Flesh: New Project from Assemblage 23 Drummer Mike Jenney
If you haven't checked it out already, Mike just dropped an awesome new single for his brand new project Ed Flesh - a definite departure from his previous stuff with Alter Der Ruine! Give it a listen!

Assemblage 23 Remix for Spektralized Released
Norway's Spektralized has released "Nothin' to Remix", the remix companion to their recently-released "Nothin' to See Here" album. It includes an Assemblage 23 Remix of the song "Caterpillar". Check it out!


Happy New Year!
I wanted to wish you all a very happy and healthy 2021! I also wanted to thank you all for the amazing support you showed for the new album in 2020. It was a weird time to release an album for sure and not being able to tour in support of it was a strange feeling. However, I am looking forward to 2021 and a return to some semblance of normalcy finally coming back. Rest assured that once it becomes safe to do so, we look forward to getting out there and playing the new material for you. Lots more exciting things coming later this year as well!

Work Begins on New Helix Release
Mari and I have been hard at work on a new Helix release we hope to put out in the first part of the new year. Stay tuned for more info, and if you haven't already, feel free to join us on our Facebook page.



Assemblage 23 Remix on New Single from Suffering for Kisses
Suffering for Kisses has released a new single called "Innocence" which features an Assemblage 23 remix of their song "Ashes". Check it out!

"Mourn" Appears on "Best of 2020" lists.
I'm honored that "Mourn" has been included on the "Best Albums of 2020" lists from Cybernoise and I Die, You Die.

"Epiphany" Named #10 Best Song of 2020 by Synthpop Fanatic
Synthpop Fanatic has named "Epiphany" as their #10 song of 2020. Much thanks!


Happy Holidays from Assemblage 23
I just wanted to send my warmest holiday wishes to all of you. 2020 has been a strange and difficult year for all of us, and I've really been touched by the response "Mourn" has received. I hope that having some new music to listen to this year helped make your 2020 a little bit more bearable. I'm looking forward to seeing what 2021 holds. It is my hope that after this involuntary hiatus that shows can come back and we can get back out there to play some of this new material for you! Here's hoping that no matter what holiday you celebrate this time of year, that it's full of love, laughter, and good music.