Electricity Club Interviews Helix
Check out this interview with Mari and I about the new Helix EP, “Unimaginable Place”!

Assemblage 23 Live in LA This Friday!
Getting everything packed and prepared for this Friday's show in Los Angeles - our first of 2024. In the spirit of the event's theme "The History of Industrial", the setlist covers tracks from the band's entire history and includes a few tracks we haven't played in over a decade. Stock up on Ibuprofen - you're going to be sore the next day!

Friday, March 8th - Assemblage 23 - Das Bunker History of Industrial @ Catch One in Los Angeles, CA. Get tickets: https://wl.seetickets.us/event/Das-Bunker-History-of-Industrial/573588?afflky=dasbunker

Assemblage 23 Remixes Spotify Protest Song by Anti-Social Club
Out now is my remix of “Bye-Bye Spotify” by Anti-Social Club. The track is a reaction to Spotify's recent policy change that chooses not to pay royalties to any artist with less than 1,000 streams.