Assemblage 23 Joins Line-up for M'era Luna 2024
I'm happy to announce that we will be making our return to M'era Luna in Germany next August. With almost a year to plan, you've got no excuse to miss this one! Tickets: https://www.meraluna.de/tickets 

Assemblage 23 and Helix Last Shows of 2023
Coming up in October:

• Saturday, October 7th - Helix @ AbsolutionFest in Tampa, FLA
Website: https://www.absolutionfest.com/
Tickets: https://www.absolutionfest.com/tickets

• Friday, October 13th - A double-header of Assemblage 23 and Helix @ Elysium in Austin, TX
Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/assemblage-23-helix-at-friday-the-13th-ball-tickets-526891285017

These will be our last shows for 2023, but don't worry - we've already been booking a bunch of shows for 2024!

Assemblage 23 Feeds the Gremlins After Midnight
Out now is Assemblage 23's remix of Extize's “Gremlins in the System”, which, to my knowledge, is so far the only EBM song ever made about the classic 80's movie. Here's a link tree for places you can stream or purchase it:.

Assemblage 23 Remixes Thomas Beaver's “Twin”
Also out now is my remix of “Twin” by Thomas Beaver, a thumping dark electro banger for the dancefloor with smooth vocoded vocals. Grab it on Bandcamp!