"Failure" Vinyl is Finally Shipping!
It was beginning to feel like I'd never get to say this, but the vinyl is due to show up at my place tomorrow! What an epic journey this has been. I thank those of you who ordered it again for your patience. My main takeaway from this was: it's a good time to own a vinyl pressing plant. 

I will begin shipping immediately. Please note that I need to pack and bulk ship vinyls for the European orders to my shipping partner in Germany, so you folks will have to wait a little longer, but last time we shipped vinyls over there, it didn't take terribly long. But, in ALL cases, please give me time to fulfill these last orders. There's hundreds of orders and just one me, so bear with me. I will post updates on my progress.

Assemblage 23 Remixes Stabbing Westward
Out now is the "Ghost" single from industrial rockers Stabbing Westward. Features remixes from Chris Hall and myself. If this is any indication of what the album will be like, I think they're going to have a huge comeback!