I'm Moving!
My family and I are moving next month and I'm lazy, so why not buy some stuff at a discount so I don't have to move it all? For the rest of the month, you can take 15% off your total order through the Assemblage 23 Online Store. CDs, stickers, A23 Shirts, Helix Shirts... it's all on sale. Just enter the code MOVEIT in the coupon code box when you place your order.

Helix Live at Mechanismus Festival
If you're in the Seattle area or just feel like visiting it, Mari and I will be performing as Helix at the Mechanismus Festival @ The Crocodile in Seattle June 28th-July 2nd. We'll be playing stuff from both Twin and our recent Bad Dream EP, and for the first time, we'll be joined on stage by a drummer (the lovely and talented Matt Sharifi). Come out and say hello! (We'll be playing on the final night). For tickets, click here.

Assemblage 23 Live at Goth on the Mountain
Assemblage 23 will be performing at Goth on the Mountain, a first of its kind event at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA. On Friday, September 16th, the goths take over the entire park for a private, ticked event featuring DJs, live music, rides, and lots more in a family-friendly environment (bring the gothlings). This promises to be a really unique and fun time. Don't miss it! Get your tickets here.

Recent Assemblage 23 Remixes
I had intended to retire from remixing, but since the pandemic happened, I somehow seem to be doing more than ever.

• This is an old one, but it hasn't been available for awhile. Caustic recently made his 2012 remix album available once again and it features my remix of "Bleed You Out".

* Belgium's Psy'aviah recently released a new EP called "Can We Make It Rhyme" featuring Mari Kattman on vocals. I did a remix for this one, but don't sleep on the b-side, a cover of Soft Cell's "Monoculture".

• A dark, experimental  take on "Rise of the Proletareans" by .orbix

* A danceable synthpop remix for LA's BlakLight from their new release "Into the Void".

• A sort of indie synthpop remix for our friends Silver Walks on their new release "Tear Me Down"

A shuffly, dancefloor twist on Watch Clark's "Our Passion, Our Demise" from the remix album "Musik Concrete".