Work on the Next A23 Album Has Begun
I mentioned this over on Facebook, but I have begun work on what will be the 10th Assemblage 23 album. I've been collecting ideas for the past year or so and am now in the process of turning those seeds of ideas into full-fledged tracks. I don't really have a release date in mind. It's done when it's done. But I would say some time in 2025 seems realistic. Stay tuned!

Fixation Festival is Sold Out!
Our next show (both A23 and Helix, actually) will be the two-day Fixation Fest in Detroit. Just got word that both nights are fully sold out. We're looking forward to seeing you all and playing some kick-ass sets!

A23 Merch On Sale
I'm trying to clear out some of my older merch stock, so I've cut the prices on some items in the Assemblage 23 Online Store:
• Older, 2023 Design Assemblage 23 Zip-up Hoodies, normally $45, now just $30.
• The last of the remaining “Mourn” t-shirts. Normally, $20, now just $15.

Of course we have lots of cool newer stuff, too, like Helix “Unimaginable Place” t-shirts, A23 metal badges and buttons, patches, coffee mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, and stickers.