News 2/25/16 

Update on the New Album

Hello, everyone! We’re long past due for an update, and I apologize for that. I’ve had my head down to the grindstone and have been plugging away in the studio. So, here’s the latest. The good news is, we have a release date! The not as good news, is it’s going to be a bit later than expected – August 28th. This album will be released by Metropolis Records in both the US and Europe. Artwork will be by Sam Pfannkuche, who also did the Surveillance "Oceania" and "Oceania Remixed" covers. 

So, why the delay? Well, aside from the fact that things are simply taking longer than I had expected (same thing happened with the Surveillance album), I took a look at the rather long list of bands touring in the spring and decided a fall tour made more sense. Given that we are planning a whole new stage show, I also wanted to give myself time to put that together and fulfill all your pre-orders before the tour starts. Finally, doing the tour close to the release date will allow us to gain a little promotional momentum, hopefully. 

I’ve received questions regarding when certain perks will be fulfilled, particularly ones like remixes and guest vocals. I plan to work on the album until the end of April, and sometime thereafter, it will be feasible for me to start working on those. When I’m ready to roll, I’ll start contacting those perk holders. It is also around this time that I will be contacting those of you who had perks that included shirts to get your sizing information.  So please make sure your email information if current! 

For those of you who didn't have a chance to get in on the Indiegogo Campaign, no worries. Pre-orders via the Assemblage 23 Online Store will open up on August 1st.

Finally, I am happy to say we will be debuting one of the new tracks at the E-werk and E-tropolis festivals in Germany next week. Anyway, that’s the latest. The new material is sounding great and I really can’t wait to share it with you!

News 10/19/15 

New Assemblage 23 Album Announced
I am happy to announce that Assemblage 23's eighth studio album, entitled Endure, will be released in the spring of 2016. To learn more and hear a sample of a work in progress, please visit my IndieGoGo campaign. If you like what you hear, please consider choosing the perk of your choice to reserve your copy and support the album. I've got lots of great options for fans for some exclusive merch and unique, personal experiences including a personal Skype conversation, me doing guest vocals on your song, or even a private show in your home town.

Tom Shear DJ Date in Atlanta on Halloween
If you find yourself looking for something to do this Halloween in the Atlanta area this year, I'll be DJing at "Unmasked: A Mysterious Masquerade Ball" at Quad. For more information, please visit the Facebook event page. Hope to see lots of you there!

Check Out Live, Acoustic Performance of "Ground"
Assemblage 23 played a show in Los Angeles this past weekend. As a special surprise, we performed the acoustic version of "Ground" for the first time ever with the help of ex-30 Seconds to Mars guitarist Kevin Drake.

First Live Dates of 2016 Announced
Assemblage 23 will be performing at the E-werk Ost Festival in Dresden, Germany on March 4th, 2016 and the E-tropolis Festival in Oberhausen, Germany on March 5th, 2016. We are currently also booking some club dates around this time. Updates as they become available.

News 4/3/15 

Sale on All Assemblage 23 CD's
Because it's one of two months that can abbreviate a date as "A 23" (April 23rd), I'm having a sale on all Assemblage 23 CDs through the Assemblage 23 Online Store.  For the entire month of April, all Assemblage 23 CDs are only $10!

Free Bank of Assemblage 23 Sounds for the Access Virus
A few years back, I released a free bank of sounds for the Access Virus (B and above) of sounds I had used on various Assemblage 23 songs. The place I had them hosted is gone now and I've had a lot of people ask me about them since then. So I figured the best place to put them was on the website for my soundware company Waveformless Soundware. So if you've been looking for those sounds, you can now grab them here:

Trailer for "V.Next" Cyberpunk Video Game with Tom Shear Soundtrack
SyncBuildRun has announced "V.Next", an episodic cyberpunk thriller for Mac and PC.  I've been working on the soundtrack, and you can hear one of the pieces in the preview trailer here:    The game is scheduled to be released at the end of 2015.

News 1/21/15 

The Year Ahead
A happy belated new year to you all!  It's hard to believe January is almost over, but time flies when you're busy!  The biggest blip on the radar this year is that there will be a new Assemblage 23 album.  I'm still not entirely sure when, but sometime in the first half of 2015.  This also means there will be touring once the album is out, but that's still a ways off as far as planning goes.  And once the new A23 is out, I plan on getting to work on the second album from Surveillance.  So lots of new music in the works!

Assemblage 23 Leaves Accession Records
After a 13 year working relationship, I have decided to part ways with our European label, Accession Records.  Accession was instrumental in breaking A23 to the European audience and their years of support and hard work were much appreciated.  Unfortunately, a few recurring issues made it impossible to continue that working relationship. The albums released by Accession thus far will still be available through the label, but the next A23 will be released with another label to be announced at a later date.

Tom Shear Composing Game Soundtrack
While I am working on the new Assemblage 23, I am happy to announce that I am also creating the original soundtrack from an upcoming cyber-thriller video game being created by SyncBuildRun, a new company here in Seattle.  I can't say much more than that right now, but so far it's been a fun and valuable learning experience for me.  More details when the game is finished.

Tom Shear Mixing Down Beauty Queen Autopsy
I am also currently performing mixing duties for Beauty Queen Autopsy, the new side-project from Caustic's Matt Fanale and Unwoman's Erica Mulkey.

Only 10 Copies Left of Limited Edition Surveillance "Oceania Remixed" CD
If you've been wanting to pick up a copy of the strictly limited Russian import limited edition remix album from Surveillance, now's the time to act, as I only have 10 copies left in my possession!  Order yours through the Assemblage 23 Online Store today!

News 12/01/14 

Special Limited Edition Physical Version of Surveillance "Oceania Remixed" Now Available
A couple months after the critically-acclaimed release of A23 side-project Surveillance's debut album, a digital-only remix album with remixes by the likes of Aesthetic Perfection,, Velvet Acid Christ, and Rotersand was released.  I got many e-mails asking if the album would ever be released physically.  Now, thanks to a partnership with Russian record label Razgrom Music, the answer is yes! (Da?) The physical edition of "Oceania Remixed" contains two additional remixes by Cryo and Amnistia not available on the original.  This CD features new artwork and  is strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide, with only 150 copies available through the Assemblage 23 Online Store.  So don't wait to pick up your copy!  These won't last long!

The Assemblage 23 Online Store Announces the CyberMon(th)day Sale
 It's only a few more weeks until Christmas and that means you've probably got a lot of gift-shopping to do.  For a few years now, online retailers have followed up the "Black Friday" deals of physical stores with "Cyber Monday" sales on the following Monday.  Well, I'm going to do that one better.  For the entire month of December, you can save on almost every item available in the Assemblage 23 Online Store.  That's right... the deals most online retailers will only extend to you for a day, I'm going to offer to you for an entire month!

• All Metropolis Assemblage 23 CDs $11.99 [regularly $13.99]
• All 23db Records CDs (including the Assemblage 23 "Early, Rare, & Unreleased Vol. 2 CD") only $7.99  [regularly $10.99]
• The Assemblage 23 Ultimate Fan Bundle is back. All 7 Assemblage 23 albums, the t-shirt of your choice, a collectable canvas bag with the A23 logo on it, and all 3 stickers for only $100.  [Nearly $27 in savings]
• A brand new Surveillance bundle including a Surveillance Tee in the size of your choice, and signed copies of both "Oceania" and the limited edition "Oceania Remixed" CD for only $35. [$10 in savings]
• Surveillance Tees $12.99 [regularly $15.99]
• Assemblage 23 "Noise Inside My Head" Tee (size XL only) $10.99 [regularly $15.99]
• Assemblage 23 "Bruise" Tee (sizes XL and 2XL only) $10, [regularly $15.99]
• Assemblage 23 Australian Baby Tee $10.99 [regularly $15.99]
• Assemblage 23 Black Military Caps $14.99 [regularly $19.99]

All these deals will be available to you from now until December 31st, although many items are only available in limited quantities, so don't wait too long to you might miss out!

News 10/21/14 

Upcoming Live Dates and DJ Gigs
Hello, everyone!  An update is long overdo, so what better way to start than to announce some more upcoming shows?

Upcoming Assemblage 23 Dates:
October 31st, 2014 - Springfield, VA - Empire Nightclub
December 5th - Lancaster, PA - Tellus360  (This is a benefit show for a woman who was the victim of a home invasion and left for dead after being stabbed 20 times.)
December 31st - New York City, NY - Cybertron @ Blackthorn 51

Upcoming DJ Dates:
December 6th, 2014 - Baltimore, MD - Grand Central


Limited Physical Release for Surveillance "Oceania Remixed"
For those who haven't been keeping up, I released an album under the name Surveillance earlier this year.  This was shortly followed up by a digital-only remix release.  I am happy to announce there a VERY limited edition CD version of "Oceania Remixed" released through our Russian friends at Razgrom Music.  Not only will the release feature new artwork, it will also include 2 excellent, brand new, unreleased remixes from Cryo and Amnistia.  We are hoping to have the release out in the coming weeks, but when I have a definitive release date, I will announce it here.  I will have about 150 copies to sell through the Assemblage 23 Online Store.

Tom Shear Collaborates with Gnome & Spybey
I recently finished collaborating on a track called "Achim"  for the upcoming Gnome & Spybey release, "Reflective".  This track might be a bit surprising for people expecting the typical A23 sound, because it's an all-out ambient track.  It's always fun stepping outside of the expected and working on something different and this was no exception.  The album also features collaborations with Displacer, Robert Rich, and more.  The album will be out later this year on Crime League.

New Soundset for TAL U-NO-LX by Tom Shear
Of possible interest to my fellow electronic musicians... I run a small business on the side called Waveformless Soundware, that sells sound banks for various software synths.  My latest release if for Togu Audio Line's excellent Roland Juno-60 emulation, U-NO-LX.  The "U-NO-LX Ultima" soundset includes 128 sounds programmed from scratch by yours truly for only $9.99.  In fact, all of my sounds sets are only $9.99 for 128 sounds.  Soundsets also available for Arturia SEM-V, u-he DIVA, Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Synapse Audio Dune, and reFX Vanguard.  Still not convinced?  You can download 10 free patches from each library to try out yourself!

Download an Acoustic Cover of "Let Me Be Your Armor" by Karin My for Free
Earlier this year, Assemblage 23 played the Electronic Summer festival in Sweden.  After the show, a fan named Karin My introduced herself and gave me a CD-R with a cover she had recorded of the A23 track "Let Me Be Your Armor".  I thought her cover was haunting and beautiful and therefore, I want to share it with all of you fans, too! You can download the track for free here.

News 8/1/14 

Sale on Assemblage 23 CDs for All of August
In honor of August being one of two months with an "A23" date in it (the other being April 23rd), for the entire month of August, all Assemblage 23 CD's (excluding the new re-pressing of Failure) are only $10 through the Assemblage 23 Online Store!  Save $4 on every CD you buy.  If you've been meaning to complete your collection, or even just get it started, this is a great time to do so!  All items can be autographed on request, just indicate that you'd like it signed in the "special instructions" portion of your order.

Assemblage 23 New "Failure" Pressing to Start Shipping Monday
As previously mentioned, there is a brand new pressing of Assemblage 23's "Failure" with brand new artwork now available for pre-order through the Assemblage 23 Online Store.  I have received notice from the record company that the CDs are on their way and should be in my hands on Monday, at which point all pre-orders will ship.  Haven't reserved your copy?  Go get it!

News 7/1/14 

Surveillance "Oceania Remixed" Digital Remix Album Released!
I am happy to announce that "Oceania Remixed", the digital remix companion to "Oceania", has now been released on Bandcamp. It will also be available on iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, Amazon MP3, Google Play, eMusic, and more very soon. Features remixes by artists such as ∆AIMON, Velvet Acid Christ, Rotersand, Aesthetic Perfection, and more.

Those of you who bid on the remix album perk on the Indiegogo campaign will receive your download code in the next couple of days.

New Pressing of "Failure" With New Artwork Coming Soon
I recently ordered some re-stock of the 2001 Assemblage 23 album "Failure" from Metropolis and was informed that the 25 copies they were sending me were the last ones they had on hand. Unfortunately, when they went to get another pressing of the album done, they realized the artwork was missing.

So, unable to locate the original art, we decided to do the new pressing with entirely new artwork. Please note the ONLY thing that will be different about the new pressing is the artwork, but of course, that may be of interest to collectors.

If you wish to get your hands on a copy with the original artwork, I have 20 copies left available for sale on the Assemblage 23 Online Store. Of course, I am happy to sign these on request, too.

I don't know when the new version will be available just yet, but I will announce it when it is.

Upcoming Tom Shear DJ Dates
• July 4th - Springfield, VA @ Empire - Details
• July 11th - New Orleans, LA @ Howlin' Wolf - Details
• July 19th - Jacksonville, FL @ Eclipse - Details

Limited Numbers of A23 "Gears" Baby Tees Now Available
I've got a limited number of the Assemblage 23 "Gears" shirt design in a baby tee. Grab yours at the Assemblage 23 Online Store before they're gone!


News 6/9/14 

New Shirt Designs and Surveillance Shirt/CD Bundle Now Available for Pre-order!

Head on over to the Assemblage 23 Online Store to check out new t-shirts for both Assemblage 23 and Surveillance, as well a nifty bundle that lets you buy a Surveillance t-shirt and autographed CD for a discounted price. Check it out

News 5/19/14 

Tom Shear Leaves Polaroid Kiss
Sorry to have to start the week off on a down note, but I am officially announcing my departure form Polaroid Kiss – the latest in a long line of ex-members to do so.  Approximately a week a go, we held an “online listening party” for the band’s new single.  Not long thereafter, I started receiving messages from various people who had worked with Brandun in the past, all of whom had some very damning accusations to make.  Despite the fact that all of these people independently were telling me the same stories, I wanted to be sure of their legitimacy and did some independent confirmation on my own.  Suffice it to say, after confirming these things, I could no longer in good conscience be involved in the band.
That’s all I care to say for now.   I feel that I have already wasted too much of my time on this and prefer to move on to newer and better things.   If for any reason, anyone needs further info (especially whoever is left in the band at this point, or others Brandun has approached about doing work), you may contact me privately.
 Thank You, Europe!
A belated thank you to everyone who came out to support us on our European tour last month.  It was, without a doubt, one of the most fun tours we’ve had in Europe and the enthusiasm from the fans was amazing!  We even played a couple Surveillance songs live, which was a blast!
Washington DC DJ Gig Added
I’m happy to announce I’ve added another DJ gig to the list of upcoming events.  I will be coming to the DC area for July 4th to spin at Spellbound.  Here is the current list of upcoming DJ sets:
• Wednesday, May 28th – San Jose, CA @ San Jose Skate – Final Wumpskate Event
• Friday, July 4th – Springfield, VA @ Spellbound
• Friday, July 11th – New Orleans, LA @ Howlin’ Wolf – Southern Gothic Festival
• Saturday, July 19th – Jacksonville, FL @ Eclipse

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