Synth Sounds by Assemblage 23's Tom Shear for TAL's UN-O-LX2
  • Synth Sounds by Assemblage 23's Tom Shear for TAL's UN-O-LX2
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Starting out as a well-respected creator of freeware plug-in effects and instruments for Mac and PC, Togu Audio Line decided to try their hand at a commercial synth. Their first commercial release was TAL U-NO-LX, an impressively spot-on emulation of the venerable Roland Juno-60. Although a relatively simple synth by modern standards, the Juno-60 was surprisingly versatile and can be heard on countless records from the 80's and beyond. Waveformless Soundware's latest release tackles the TAL U-NO-LX with 128 brand spanking new patches pushing the synth to its limits. The Juno's famously chunky basses, fat leads, lush synth strings and pads, and quirky synths are all here in abundance, while other patches have a more modern, current touch pushing the U-NO-LX into new territory. Sounds perfect for classic house, techno, synth-pop, outrun electro, and any style that needs a touch of the 80's or just a bunch of extremely useful, workhorse synth sounds. If you're looking for the final word in patches for U-NO-LX, look no further.

[Requires version 2.50 of TAL U-NO-LX]

Because TAL U-NO-LX has no built-in effects aside from the killer chorus, some light reverb courtesy of Valhalla's amazing Vintage Verb reverb, and delay from Logic's built-on Delay plug are used as a bus effect in spots. The entire mix also has some light limiting courtesy of Fabfilter's Pro L Limiter.

Please note that you must own a copy of TAL's UN-O-LX2 in order to make use of these sounds.

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