Synth Sounds by Assemblage 23's Tom Shear for u-he DIVA
  • Synth Sounds by Assemblage 23's Tom Shear for u-he DIVA
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Waveformless Soundware is thrilled to announce our latest sound-set, this one foru-he's formidable DIVA synth. DIVA has received accolades left and right for her uncanny ability to produce incredibly-convincing vintage synth emulations. With that in mind, DIVA Prima is aimed at feeding your synth with the expressive, useful sounds she craves. (Is it weird I'm referring to a synth as a she? Screw it, I'm rolling with it...)

DIVA Prima is a testiment to the flexibilty of u-he's creation. Chunky Minimoog basses, Kraftwerkian synth percussion and drums, raspy mono-leads, lush Solina-like synth strings, massive, Jupiter-esque pads, delicate, glassy plucks, and even digital, FM-type sounds. On top of that, we've included some sound-alike patches. Need the resonant synth sound from Yaz's "Only You"? We've got it here. Need the famous Yamaha TX81Z "Latelybass" preset? We've got a pretty convincing version of that, too. Gary Numan-esque strings? Gotcha covered. But we don't stop there. Amidst all of the beautiful sounds are their ugly cousins, using crossmod, filter FM, and other unusual techniques to give you startlingly original and edgy sounds sure to stand out in a mix.

As per our usual standard, sounds are deeply programmed with almost all of them having a modulation or two mapped to them for even more expressive playing. Oh, and in addition to the 128 awesome sounds you already get? We threw in an extra "INIT" type patch for free to act as a starting point for your own sonic creations. So what have you got to lose? Only $9.99 for 128 awesome sounds?

Audio demos: everything you hear is coming straight out of DIVA, using only the internal effects. Some light mastering effects added to entire file.

Please note you must own a copy of u-he's DIVA synth to make use of these sounds.

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