News - September 28th, 2020

Crowdfunding Campaign Shipping is Complete
Just a reminder that shipping of perks for the Mourn crowd-funding campaign is complete. If you have not received your perk or at least a tracking number indicating your package is in transit, please get in touch with me at

Most of Assemblage 23 Back Catalog Goes Out of Print on CD
So, now that all the crowdfund orders have been fulfilled, here's a rather surprising announcement... the vast majority of A23's catalog in CD is now out of print. The Ultimate Fan Pack orders wiped out the remaining stock of most of the CDs and because very few people buy CDs nowadays, Metropolis has made the decision not to do another pressing. Here are the specifics: 

Bruise [Deluxe Edition] 
Compass [Deluxe Edition] 
Endure [Regular Edition] (i have 2 more copies on my shop) 
Let the Wind Erase Me, Binary, Spark maxi singles 

Ground maxi-single 
Endure [Deluxe Edition] 

I just put up the last 10 copies each that I have of Failure and Meta on the Assemblage 23 web shop. Once those are sold, I will not be re-stocking and the only place to get those CDs will be through Metropolis Records and any retailers that still have copies. You may also still be able to find copies of some of the releases on CD through Accession Records in Germany. 

The new album is nowhere near being out of print, so if you haven't picked up a copy, no worries, they're still around. It's amazing to see how much has changed in the music business since I started putting out albums. The end of availability of those albums on CD is just another sign of changing times. Thanks, as always, to each and every one of you who ever bought one of these little plastic discs. It's pretty mind-blowing to think of the number of these things I've mailed out or hauled out of the back of a tour van over the years.

EDIT: Here is a link to Accession Records' web shop in case you're looking for a physical copy of one of the releases that is out of print in the US: