News - August 29th, 2020

Crowdfund Update
If you selected the Ultimate Fan Pack - Tier 1, your order has shipped and you should have a tracking number sent to the email address you used for the campaign. Working on the Ultimate Fan Pack - Tier 2's today. Tier's 3 and 4 will ship once I have the vinyl on hand, which I am hoping will be end of next week.

Crowdfund items that have been fulfilled so far as of right now:    

• Digital Copy of Regular Version    

• Digital Copy of Deluxe Version    

• CD Copy of Regular Versions    

• CD copy of Deluxe Version    

• Signed CD copy of Deluxe Version   

• Signed CD of Deluxe Edition and T-shirt 

• Signed CD of Deluxe Edition, T-shirt, and Hoodie

• Ultimate Fan Pack - Tier 1