News - August 21st, 2020

Crowdfund and Website Pre-orders Update
Crowdfunders... if you ordered the SIGNED DELUXE CD, T-SHIRT, and HOODIE perk and ordered size 4x, 3x, or 2x, your order has shipped. You should have received an email with a tracking number to whichever address you used to make your contribution. Hoping to have all the rest of them out early next week. 

I'm waiting on an update on the vinyl. It was supposed to have shipped on the 15th, but I haven't heard anything or received a tracking number, so I need to check into this and will post an update when I know when they will be on hand. 

Crowdfund items that have been fulfilled so far as of right now:  

• Digital Copy of Regular Version  

• Digital Copy of Deluxe Version  

• CD Copy of Regular Versions  

• CD copy of Deluxe Version  

• Signed CD copy of Deluxe Version 

• Signed CD of Deluxe Edition and T-shirt

The t-shirts that are up for pre-sale on the A23 store went to the printers early this week and are supposed to ship out to me on September 2nd. The crowdfund orders should all be out by then, so I anticipate being able to start shipping pre-orders placed through my website as soon as I receive them. 

So far, shipping seems to be going smoothly. I don't want to jinx it, but people appears to be receiving their perks in a timely manner despite the problems the USPS is currently experiencing. Let's hope that trend continues! I'd say we are about 65% finished in terms of getting the orders out. Thanks, everyone, for your patience! Mari and I are working non-stop to get this stuff out as quickly as we're able to.