News - April 24th, 2020

Update on the New Album

Okay, time for a long-overdue update on the new album. Thank you everyone for your patience. I haven’t meant to keep any of you in the dark, I’ve just really been concentrating on working on the album. 

I am currently in the home stretch with “Mourn”. While my original goal was to get the album out by June, it’s going to be a little bit later than that. The record company needs about 90 days between when all the album materials are delivered to the release date. So, while I will be turning the album into the label in June, the official release date for the album will be September 11th. Sorry to make you wait a little longer, but I think in the end the small extra wait will be worth it. 

The good news is, I’m really happy with how the album is sounding - like, the happiest I’ve been with my material in a long time. I feel like this is some of the strongest material I’ve written since “Storm”. Lyrically very dark (this is not a cheery album by any means), musically very hooky with a pretty wide range of BPMs. I think (hope) that “Mourn” will become a fan favorite. 

I am also currently talking with Sam Pfannkuche regarding the album’s artwork, as well as the merch designs both for the crowdfund and the “regular” shirts. You’ll be familiar with his work from the previous artwork he’s done for me for the Surveillance and Helix side project albums, as well as for A23’s “Endure”. So I have every confidence that the album is going to look as great as it sounds. 

At this point, we are not anticipating that the current pandemic is going to cause any delays, but of course, that is always a possibility in these unpredictable times. I will keep you assessed of any changes that might arise from this. Assuming things stay on track, here is what will be happening in the coming weeks and months: 

• I’ll be finishing the album up in the first weeks of May. 
• I’m just starting the process now of reaching out to the remixers for the Deluxe Edition 
• The album will be mastered and turned into the label by June 13th. 
• Once the album is delivered and I know that there is nothing additional that will require my attention, I will reach out to all the crowdfund contributors who selected the remix or guest vocal perks, so I can start penciling you in on my production calendar. 
• My plan for the Skype calls is to wait until the album is released before scheduling those, under the assumption that folks will probably want to discuss the new album. If I’m mistaken in that assumption, by all means feel free to reach out. 
• I hope to place orders for all the crowdfund and regular merch some time in July, assuming the manufacturers are up and running. 
Provided there are no unexpected delays, the crowdfunding orders will start shipping out in August. So if you have any address changes, please make sure to update it by then. Pre-orders for non-crowdfund people will open up around this same time. Please note that the crowdfund orders will ship first, with the regular pre-orders shipping as soon as all those have been fulfilled. I expect it to take several weeks to get all the crowdfund orders shipped. You will receive notification and tracking info once your item ships, so be sure you used your correct email address when you placed your perk and update it if it isn’t correct. 

So, now the elephant in the room… what about touring/live shows for the new album? We do have a handful of dates that have been booked or rescheduled for the fall. It is entirely within the realm of possibility that we have to cancel those eventually depending on the status of the COVID crisis and any restrictions that may go with it. So, in all likelihood, we probably won’t be doing the main touring/live shows for the new album until 2021. To be clear, we still plan to proceed with the fall dates we have on schedule (which we will announce soon) if we can, but I don’t feel comfortable going through the significant work of booking and routing proper tours until I can feel fairly confident that we’re not going to have to cancel or postpone those dates. I know this is frustrating, but we love our fans and want to make sure when we tour, that it’s absolutely safe to do so and that no one will be in any danger by coming out to see us. 

I will have further announcements in the coming week regarding the track list, remixers, and other exciting stuff, so please stay tuned!