News 9/3/12

 US Tour Dates and Info
As you've no doubt already noticed, I've announced the dates for our upcoming US tour.  We will be bring along the best band you haven't heard yet, Espermachine, as support.  In addition to the regular dates, we'll also be doing a very special show in Los Angeles on October 6th where we will perform the entire "Failure" album from start to finish.  I've given all the tracks a fresh mix, so they sound better than ever and many of these songs are ones we've never performed live before!  Our new drummer, Mike Jenney, will be joining us for the leg of the tour from Seattle, WA to Atlanta, GA.  The dates that follow that A23 will be performing as a duo.  Of course we will have lots of cool merch and CDs with us.  Hope to see you all there!

Assemblage 23 Completes Remix for Front Line Assembly
I had the privilege recently to remix one of the bands that got me into this kind of music, none other than Front Line Assembly.  My remix of "Hostage" will be appearing on an upcoming compilation.  More news on that when it's announced.

Fan Remixes Uploaded
First, let me apologize for taking so long to do so, but I finally have uploaded the fan remixes I've received so far.  If you've submitted a remix, but don't see it uploaded, it' because you made the track only visible to me, thus making it unshareable.  Make your remix shareable to everyone, and I'll add it.  Thanks to everyone who has participated so far.  Some truly cool remixes!  

Free Shipping from the Assemblage 23 Online Store Until the Tour!
As you might have guessed, the Assemblage 23 Online Store will be offline from approximately 9/26/12 to 11/17/12 while we are on tour.  To help make way for some of the new inventory, I'm offering free shipping on all orders placed between now and then.  No matter how much merch you order, or where you live in the world, shipping costs you nothing!  Note that when you initially place your order, the shipping charge will show up on your confirmation, but this amount will be subtracted when the item actually ships and your card is charged.

Exclusive Shirt Designs from Blackline Licensing
I mentioned awhile back that I had signed a licensing deal with Mexico-based Blackline Licensing to design and sell shirts, and they're available now for sale via their Facebook Storefront.  Check it out!