News 3/4/13

 The "Help Tom Get a New Laptop" Sale!

A few weeks ago when I was preparing for my gigs in Arizona, I did something most of us have probably done at least once. I reached for a glass of water sitting next to my laptop, and instead ended up spilling it. Only about a thimble full hit my laptop, but as luck would have it, those few drops hit the fan which then spread the liquid damage to every square inch of the interior. Although frustrated, I decided I'd use the money from the Arizona gigs to get a replacement when I returned. As luck would have it, immediately upon my return, our oldest cat required surgery and the bill just happened to add up to the almost the exact cost it would have been to replace my laptop. "Tom, you whiny little girl, what does this have to do with ME?" I hear you saying?

What it means for you is I'm having a sale on the Assemblage 23 Online Store ( for the entire month of March to help raise the funds! Here is what's on sale:

• Assemblage 23 Ultimate Fan Set - $95 (regularly $100)

• Assemblage 23 Gold Fan Pack - $75 (regularly $80)

• 23db Fan Pack - $40 (regularly $45)

• Contempt, Failure, Defiance, Storm, Meta, Compass, or Bruise CDs - $12.99 (regularly $13.99)

• Assemblage 23 US Tour 2012 Tee - $10.99 (regularly $15.99)

• Assemblage 23 Aussie Baby Tee - $10.99 (regularly $15.99)

• Assemblage 23 "Bruise" Hoodie - $30.99 (regularly $39.99)

Get a Free Remix from Assemblage 23

Hey gang, check this out! Jumberlack and the Cobra is none other than Charles from Angeltheory and Matt from Microfilm (and Charles live keyboardist on the tour we did together). This is a free EP with remixes of a cover of the Depeche Mode classic "Photographic", including one by yours truly....