News 10/21/14

Upcoming Live Dates and DJ Gigs
Hello, everyone!  An update is long overdo, so what better way to start than to announce some more upcoming shows?

Upcoming Assemblage 23 Dates:
October 31st, 2014 - Springfield, VA - Empire Nightclub
December 5th - Lancaster, PA - Tellus360  (This is a benefit show for a woman who was the victim of a home invasion and left for dead after being stabbed 20 times.)
December 31st - New York City, NY - Cybertron @ Blackthorn 51

Upcoming DJ Dates:
December 6th, 2014 - Baltimore, MD - Grand Central


Limited Physical Release for Surveillance "Oceania Remixed"
For those who haven't been keeping up, I released an album under the name Surveillance earlier this year.  This was shortly followed up by a digital-only remix release.  I am happy to announce there a VERY limited edition CD version of "Oceania Remixed" released through our Russian friends at Razgrom Music.  Not only will the release feature new artwork, it will also include 2 excellent, brand new, unreleased remixes from Cryo and Amnistia.  We are hoping to have the release out in the coming weeks, but when I have a definitive release date, I will announce it here.  I will have about 150 copies to sell through the Assemblage 23 Online Store.

Tom Shear Collaborates with Gnome & Spybey
I recently finished collaborating on a track called "Achim"  for the upcoming Gnome & Spybey release, "Reflective".  This track might be a bit surprising for people expecting the typical A23 sound, because it's an all-out ambient track.  It's always fun stepping outside of the expected and working on something different and this was no exception.  The album also features collaborations with Displacer, Robert Rich, and more.  The album will be out later this year on Crime League.

New Soundset for TAL U-NO-LX by Tom Shear
Of possible interest to my fellow electronic musicians... I run a small business on the side called Waveformless Soundware, that sells sound banks for various software synths.  My latest release if for Togu Audio Line's excellent Roland Juno-60 emulation, U-NO-LX.  The "U-NO-LX Ultima" soundset includes 128 sounds programmed from scratch by yours truly for only $9.99.  In fact, all of my sounds sets are only $9.99 for 128 sounds.  Soundsets also available for Arturia SEM-V, u-he DIVA, Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Synapse Audio Dune, and reFX Vanguard.  Still not convinced?  You can download 10 free patches from each library to try out yourself!

Download an Acoustic Cover of "Let Me Be Your Armor" by Karin My for Free
Earlier this year, Assemblage 23 played the Electronic Summer festival in Sweden.  After the show, a fan named Karin My introduced herself and gave me a CD-R with a cover she had recorded of the A23 track "Let Me Be Your Armor".  I thought her cover was haunting and beautiful and therefore, I want to share it with all of you fans, too! You can download the track for free here.