Assemblage 23 News 8/9/16

"Endure" Album Previews Are Up and Pre-orders Are Now Open!
I am happy to say I can now share with you previews for Assemblage 23's 8th album, Endure. Additionally, you can now place a-pre-order for both the Regular and Deluxe Editions of the album on the Assemblage 23 Online Store. You may notice that we don't have new shirts available on the online store yet. This is due to needing to fulfill the 770+ Indiegogo perks and having merch made for the tour. Both of those required a significant upfront cost and I simply couldn't afford to have shirts made for the store as well. But don't worry, when we get back from the tour in mid-October, shirts will be available through the store.

Indiegogo Campaign Perks to Begin Shipping
Attention backers of he Indiegogo campaign for "Endure" - the moment you have all so patiently waited for is here. It's time to start fulfilling your perks! Below is a little about the order in which these perks will be fulfilled. Please keep in mind I'm doing this all by myself and the response to this campaign was pretty overwhelming, so it's going to take some time. 

1.) The first thing to go out will be the download codes. If you selected a perk at the $15 dollar or higher level, you get a free download of the album. I will start mailing these out midweek. 

2.) Next to go out will be the CD-only orders. I hope to be able to start those next week. 

3.) Next up will be the orders with shirts. I expect to have those onhand on the 15th or so. 

4.) The last shippable items to go out will be the vinyl, and I have some bad news there - these aren't going to ship until October 15th. One downside of the resurgence of vinyl is that sometimes the pressing plants get back-logged, and that's what happened here. If you ordered a bundle that included the album with a shirt, or shirts, you shirts will ship as normal. The vinyl has to ship separately due to how it needs to be packed anyway, so you will receive the rest of your order in the meantime. 

5. Those of you who selected musical perks such as remixes, production, or guest vocals, expect to hear from me in November after the US tour is over to make arrangements to get started. 

6. Skype calls will also occur in November. 

Thanks so much to all of you who contributed. I can't wait for you to hear the album!