Ground Maxi-single Lyrics


Be still
Though chaos rains around you now
Only so much rain can fall at once
Breathe in
And let the air envelope you
And slow but sure, serenity will come

Close your eyes
Try to breathe
Feel the ground beneath your feet
It's still there
The world still turns around

Stand up
Though circumstance has knocked you down
There is nothing gained by staying within it's reach

Take strength
In every failure you endure
Our mistakes have many lessons they can teach


These walls you've built around yourself
You can't take another step until they're gone

Move out
No use in dwelling in the past
Bid farewell to all your fears and carry on



Mere apologies won't undo what you've done
The echoes linger on, the backlash has begun
Feigned indifference, your least convincing mask
But deep down inside, its forgiveness that you ask

When hurt and lies become the currency
All it buys us is more tragedy
Hide behind the veil of ignorance
But every action has a consequence

More sleepless nights, your conscience rouses you
Self-medicate, so you can make it through
Every day goes by at a slow and sickly pace
You chose to live a lie, now it can't be erased


You're breaking up, the clock is running out
Guilt eats you alive and fills your soul with doubt
Brought to your knees by what you did and said
The echoes linger on, resounding in your head