Lyrics from "Endure"

The snow is drifting, the ground is frozen
Another quiet winter night
“Incoming objects have been detected”
A sudden flash of brilliant light
The sky is falling
In molten ribbons streaming down below
Our fate is calling
The children singing in the afterglow
The wind is fire, the ground is liquid
The churning oceans vaporized
The heavens darken, the world forsaken
A witness to our own demise
The ashes blow across the desert
The carcass of a ruined age
All our gold and all our wisdom
Against the Universe’s rage
Their words plunge like daggers
Focused, derisive laughter
A target outnumbered
Cornered and torn asunder
Cast out and rejected
Fragile and unprotected
 A misfit pariah
Ridiculed, undesired
A font of strength is flowing like blood from open veins
A cache of courage to brace against the blinding pain
Each one of us fights battles no one else can see
Some days just waking up is an act of bravery
Self-image distorted
Reality contorted
Dysmorphic perception
Self-doubt and introspection
Devouring and purging
Toxic cycle emerging
The shame holds, the tears flow,
Unanswered prayers for control
Addiction, dependence
A slave in every sense
A pattern repeating
Pointless and self-defeating
Clock ticking, time squandered
Promises left unhonored
Will failing, hope dying
Obstacles multiplying

Salt the Earth
Set the demons loose
On all that stands before you
Unleash the dogs of war
And let them chase the bastards down
Burn the bridges, salt the earth
Reset the counter back to zero
Tear existence from its frame
Never look back, never return
Rain the Heavens down
In the name of retribution
Cut off the oxygen
And watch the flames slowly choke out
Call on catastrophe
To shatter fate’s foundations
Make your own destiny
And leave the poison in the past


It’s a tangled web we weave, an eloquent debris
When we drape the truth in such a grotesque tapestry
Embellished words and deeds, a fictional disguise
Imagined glories fade beneath the weight of lies
It’s a game we play and we agreed upon the rules
Pretend our make-believe is basically the truth
A mental static - a cognitive dissonance
The lies we tell ourselves will increase in expense
Image to cultivate, illusion to maintain
Vulgar in sentiment and wrapped in the profane
The cracks in the façade too numerous to count
The points of weakness are of infinite amount
The story falls apart like ruins in decay
The truth exposed at last to the blinding light of day
A fallen city burns where once it stood so tall
Brought down by the deadly myth that penetrates its walls

Call the Dawn
Two islands far apart that share a raging sea
Two radios tuned in to different frequencies
There are chasms too wide to ever be breached
There are many destinations never meant to be reached
There are footsteps in a journey we will never conclude
There are chapters in this book that we will never read through
Fade out
But don’t forget, don’t succumb to self-doubt
Be strong
Move on
Allow the setting of the sun to call the dawn
Two stars that share the skies in separate galaxies
Two trees that grow apart, but sway in the same breeze
There are chasms too wide to ever be breached
There are many destinations never meant to be reached
There are footsteps in a journey we will never conclude
There are chapters in this book that we will never read through
Two pairs of feet that walk their own distinctive paths
Two shared disasters each with their own aftermaths
There are chasms too wide to ever be breached
There are many destinations never meant to be reached
There are footsteps in a journey we will never conclude
There are chapters in this book that we will never read through

Butterfly Effect
A ripple rolls across the water
The water carves into the stone
The stone erodes into a valley
No process ever acts alone
Not for long
The match head strikes against the paper
The paper sets the wood alight
The fire spreads throughout the forest
Illuminating half the sky
No man’s an island
Driven mad by silence
So why do I feel such a disconnect?
I’m reaching out now
In the only way I know how
Stranded in this Butterfly Effect
A block of ice falls off a glacier
And tears a passing tanker’s hull
The oil spills out into the ocean
An entire ecosystem nulled
A seagull takes flight by the water
Flapping its wings, against the air
Air pressure drops off in the distance
Setting loose hurricanes elsewhere

I’ve taken all I can take
My heart is arid
My soul is barren
Of function and of form
I feel so empty
An ache inside of me
Unrestrained and unrelenting
Emotions flood and then subside
The days decay like fading echoes
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
A will to carry on
A silent burden
A voyage uncertain
From reason and desire
Go through the motions
With false devotion
Too much
It’s more than I can bear
Feels like I’m breaking
Frightened and shaking
I stand
On faltering belief
The cracks are forming
A muted warning.


We live within a grid
Its boundaries well-defined
And woe to anyone
Who steps outside the lines
A fragile order kept
That struggles to contain
Any independent thought
That threatens their domain
A cage we built with our own hands
We were just following commands
A tragic tale that’s often told
A narrative tightly-controlled
The grid decides your path
The options you’re allowed
A distant hand deciding
Which rights you’re endowed
An eye to keep you safe
But if you carry on
A vengeful fist to keep you
Down where you belong
The lines can be redrawn
A Sword of Damocles
Hangs above the grid
To bring it to its knees
And when the blade comes down
And all the ruins burn
We’ll build the grid again
Because we never learn

In the passing light
Silent and alone
Trying to make sense
A fate now set in stone
Never enough time
Somehow it isn’t fair
Sprinting towards the finish
Running out of air
When December ends
At last you will be free
Unbound from Earthly plight
Unfettered by disease
When December ends
The pain will disappear
Your worries all behind you
No more suffering or fear
Every day is pain
A dull, narcotic haze
Brief moments of awareness
Losing track of days
The world seems so dim
As faculties decline
Your body just a prison
To trap your mind inside
When the moment came
A tear fell from your eye
Your senses overwhelmed
A beauty words defy
Weightless and complete
A sudden sense of ease
May your spirit carry on
As the wind that shakes the trees

I am a cog in the machine
And that’s just the way I like it
Smiling faces on TV
Tell me things will be just fine
And if ignorance is bliss
I’m as giddy as an infant
I stared into the abyss
And saw my own reflection
I don’t want to change my mind
Somebody made it up already
And if there’s blame to be assigned
I’m forever pointing outwards
I am a useful idiot
I’m an infantile disciple
And if I don’t get my way
I’ll blow this whole God damned thing up

A shattered dream
A future withered on the vine
A lie – upon which we agreed
A tinderbox
A growing anger taking hold
A storm – of discontent and need
Division grows, Goliath falls
Which city’s going to burn tonight?
Wipe the blood from off your brow
And set the funeral pyres alight
An angry mob
That slowly grew into an army
A blaze – that raged out of control
A rising tide
The rivers overflowed their banks
A vow – to take back what is owed 
A way to subdue and divide
Excise – and keep the people weak
The guillotine
Will teach them all about division
The Earth – acquired by the meek