News - September 23rd, 2020

Shipping Complete on Mourn Crowdfund Perks
So, although I still have yet to hear back from a few contributors I've been trying to reach, shipping of all the Mourn Crowdfund perks is now effectively complete. 

If you contributed to the campaign and have not received a tracking number or your actual physical perk (keeping in mind some items could still be in transit... check your tracking #), please get in touch with me. 

I've got a few people I need to give thanks to as we wrap this up. First and foremost, Mari Kattman was my right hand throughout this whole thing and I can't even tell you how much her help sped things up and kept them running smoothly. She packed nearly every item that shipped. (If it looked beautifully packed, she did it... if it looked like a kindergartner packed it, I did). She also helped open and prepare all the items that had to be signed so we could be more efficient. And she did this all without a complaint. I'd marry this woman if I wasn't already engaged to her. 

The next person I meed to thank is Melanie Pflanz. While she didn't work on any of the crowdfund orders, she has been responsible for shipping out all the European orders that have come into the shop on my website. I did this in hopes that the lower shipping rates would make it more appealing to my European fans who have had to endure pretty hideous international shipping rates in recent years. Well, I never anticipated how well people would respond to this. We got absolutely slammed with orders. Melanie tackled 150 packages on her first day back from vacation alone. She's made this all possible and has been doing a stellar job. So while she didn't work on the crowdfund orders, she allowed regular pre-orders to ship much faster than would've been possible if I had done it all myself. 

Of course I would be remiss if I didn't thank all the contributors. Your response was truly overwhelming and it came at a time in my life when I really needed it most. One of the things that warms my heart the most is that when I am sending out these orders I see so many familiar names - many of them going all the way back to my first album. I feel really humbled to have such loyal fans. So thank you very much for letting me keep doing what I'm doing. I hope you are all enjoying the new album and, if this bloody pandemic ever ends, look forward to playing it live for you.