News - June 16th, 2020

The New Album is Done
I am happy to announce that "Mourn", Assemblage 23's ninth full-length album, has been completed, mastered, and turned into the record company. The release date is scheduled for September 11th. I expect to open pre-orders here in about a week. If you already pre-ordered as a contributor to the crowd-funding campaign, I expect to begin fulfilling those orders in August, so you should get your perks a bit in advance of the formal release date. I have just begun the process of fulfilling the remix and guest vocal perks, so if you selected one of those and have your material ready to go, you might want to start preparing the materials to send to me. I will try to accommodate deadlines the best I can, but please understand that I have a bunch of these to fulfill, so it might not always be possible if the date is soon. If you are one of the people who bid on the Skype call, my plan is to wait to fulfill these after the album has been released so that if you have any questions or things you want to discuss about the new album, you'll have had a chance to hear it by then. If you want to do it before then, I can do that, too, just let me know.

The album will be available in 3 physical formats: a 10-track Regular Edition CD, a 20-track Deluxe Edition Double CD with two bonus tracks and remixes from artists like KLACK, [:SITD:], and Neuroactive, and a 12-track Double Vinyl Edition which includes all the tracks from the Regular Edition, plus the two bonus tracks from the Deluxe Edition. The Regular and Deluxe Editions will also be available digitally via the usual outlets.

It's not something I often say about my own work, but I'm really happy with how this album came out. It came out of a very dark period in my life and thus is probably one of the darker-sounding albums I've released, but I think it also has moments of beauty and hopefulness. It sounds really nice on headphones, too. Anyway, what Im trying to say is that I am really excited for you guys to hear it. To that end, I will release a trailer for the album when pre-orders open (still don't know the exact date just yet, but soon) that will feature part of "Welcome, Apocalypse" as the soundtrack. I will release some more track previews as time goes on and we get closer to the release date.

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this one. I hope you will enjoy it.

Cover of A23's "Human" Available on New Electronic Saviors Compilation.
Helix's Mari Kattman has recorded an amazing cover of my track "Human" with the UK project Antiscion. You may be familiar with Antiscion from their excellent remix on Helix's "Helix Remix" album. (And if you don't have that one yet, why not? It's pay-what-you-wnat.) You can check out Mari and Antiscion's cover here, but you really ought to check out the entire compilation. Tons of great music for a great price for an even greater cause.