News - September 8th, 2020

Crowdfund Update
If you selected the Ultimate Fan Pack - Tier 2, the Vinyl Copy of the Regular Version or the Signed Vinyl Copy of the Regular Version, your orders have shipped. We were at a bit of a standstill with shipping over the weekend when we ran out of the protective vinyl mailers and there was a delay with getting the new shipment, but those should arrive today and shipping of the rest of the perks will resume.

As of now, the following perks have shipped:

• Digital Copy of Regular Version     

• Digital Copy of Deluxe Version     

• CD Copy of Regular Versions     

• CD copy of Deluxe Version     

• Signed CD copy of Deluxe Version    

• Signed CD of Deluxe Edition and T-shirt  

• Signed CD of Deluxe Edition, T-shirt, and Hoodie 

• Ultimate Fan Pack - Tier 1

• Ultimate Fan Pack - Tier 2

• Vinyl Copy of the Regular Edition

• Signed Vinyl Copy of the Regular Edition

Other Pre-orders Update
In the interest of keeping things moving, when we were unable to ship crowdfund perks, we started shipping some of the pre-orders placed through the Assemblage 23 Online Store. All of the U.S. and non-European/Russian  pre-orders that consisted of a CD, a shirt, or both have shipped. Orders containing vinyl will ship later this week. Pre-orders placed from Europe or the Russian Federation should start shipping this week, but since they are shipping from Europe, some of the materials are still in transit/clearing Customs.