News 5/1/12

 Welcome to the New Assemblage 23 Website!
I'm happy to present the revised design for the Assemblage 23 website.  Nothing fancy, just clean and functional.  Most areas are up to date, with some that will go online around the release date of "Bruise". If you find any mistakes (I'm sure there are a few), feel free to drop me a line and let me know.

Pre-Orders for "Bruise" and New Merch Now Open
The Assemblage 23 Online Store has been updated with pre-orders for the new album now being available.  You'll also find three new shirts: one for "The Noise Inside My Head", one for "Bruise", and a special glow-in-the-dark logo shirt. The Ultimate Fan Bundle has also been updated to include the new album.  Please note that if your order contains pre-order items, it won't ship until the pre-order ship date.  Currently, we are planning to start shipping pre-orders on June 1st, which should get the album in your hands before the actual June 12th (June 8th in Europe) release date.  As an additional incentive, the first 13 orders I receive over $100 will receive a special bonus: one of the actual lyrics sheets used in recording the vocals for "Bruise" signed by yours truly.  And, as always, I am happy to sign items on request.  Just mention it in the "Special Instructions" section of the order form.

Pre-Orders for Espermachine's "Dying Life" Also Open!
I'm also pleased to announce that we will be accepting pre-orders for Espermachine's "Dying Life" album, which is currently being mastered.  I produced this album and released it on my own 23db Records.  While we don't have the firm release date yet, it will be roughly around the same time "Bruise" is released, so this is your excuse to pick up 2 cool albums at the same time!

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